Our Partners
Special World works with a number of NGOs and vocational units who create our range of products. We are always keen on partnering with more organizations in the special needs space to expand our products range. Some of the organizations we currently partner with:
Bethany Special School
Bethany Special School and Vocational Unit, whose students have done the art work on the childrens tshirts. Art work done on the Adults tshirts are by Ravi and Ramji Srinivasan, brothers with special needs.

Lizas Home
Lizas Home, a home for older women with special needs, supplies us with hand-made stationery and gift covers which have been designed and created out of recycled paper and block printed in vibrant colours. 

SandeshKutumba, from where we source our very popular jewellery and dupattas. Kutumba works with girls with physical challenges who have been taught the skills of jewellery making and screen printing on textiles.

Sandesh, an organization that fosters holistic care and provides training, from where we source pen stands and photo frames.

Product Consultants:
To help us create product designs which are aesthetic as well as feasible, given the varying abilities of the individuals who actually make these products, we have tied up with Training Threads as our product consultants. This team of professionals with experience in fashion and apparel production work with our vocational units to help identify capabilities among people with special needs in the unit, provide training to improve their existing skills, teach new ones where possible, and create products which use these skills and capabilities.