Corporate Partnerships

Special World believes strongly in the power of collaborative efforts to  empower people with special needs economically. We are keen on partnering with organizations to create and supply personalized products for employees and customers, using the skills available with our special partners. By partnering with us, your organization will not only be enabling people with special needs to earn a living, but you will also be conveying  powerful messages to your employees and to society.

T-shirts - Say "We believe in teams" with t-shirts printed with Special World designs, the company logo and a tag line. 

In addition, here is a sample list of products you can source from Special World for your organization:

Personalized coffee mugs -  printed with a distinct & simple Special World design, company logo and employee name.

For rates and availability, do write to us at or call us on 98453 75352

We look forward to many meaningful partnerships with your organization!